The Sting

by Curtis Faith

(part 2 of 30 in theĀ Protocol Red series)

If you grew up in Chicago in the 70s, then you remember The Sting.

Duvall, Newman, Redford… And the rag-time… Joplin’s Entertainer played the air for years after.

The Sting, a large-scale righteous avenger’s con. Everyone playing their part. Doing their thing. The mark never knows what happened until it is too late.

That’s the key. The vital ingredient. They can’t know what’s coming. You don’t pull the tail of the tiger when she’s sleeping, you let her sleep as you walk gently in the other direction.

That’s what we need to do.

A Chicago-style righteous con.

At least 100 million people in one huge Sting.

No one in power will ever ever ever never ever ever ever

ever ever think it possible that 100 million people would coordinate their efforts quickly and well enough to counter the great advantage of power. No one in power in New York anyway. Well, maybe in Brooklyn but not white money power.

1,000 people stand out like sore thumbs. 100 million vanish like the dust in the wind.

Dust with a bite. A sting

100 million Enthirans that can split apart and combine at will. If only you could find them…


One way I’ve found useful to accomplish impossible tasks is to work backwards. Try to prove it not possible and you’ll find the real constraints.

I’m counting on your help this time, so I think it would be more fun if we upped the challenge levels. Your help means we can do more, means we can push ourselves a bit.

So while we might typically do this in stages, I’m suggesting we do this in massively parallel style. All at once.

All the cool people, all in, for all the money. 29 more days.


Who is this “cool people”?

Anyone who demands an equal share. No more, no

Tuesday the 19th of November, I played with my daughter in the grass listening to the historians and dignitaries when my wife and I attended the 150th Commemoration of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Lincoln defines our arc.

“A new nation, dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

“that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

It is time to level up. And level down at the same time.

We don’t need a new nation, we need a new world.

And we need to bring an end to war. And poverty. And preventable sickness

We need to take care of each other. As the family that we really are

We can easily do all of this if we, the cool people, have taken ownership of the world economy.


Here’s the condensed elevator pitch to the 100 million:

A new world, conceived in freedom and sanctified in equality. You get one membership share. VIP class. Full privileges. Same as everyone else.

Are you in?

Founder’s round closes December 31st


Question for tomorrow: How do you coordinate the efforts and timing of 100 million people?