Flip Fantasia – Economics and Banking

by Curtis Michael Faith

This weeks theme music:

Economics, plain and simple, is the collective social agreements we make in order to determine group and individual access to resources and to allocate work to individuals. It is important to note that almost all of what we conceive of as “the way things are” was once not the way things were. Money, banking, “the economy,” even “work” are all artificial abstract concepts invented by individuals to benefit themselves or their group.

In the beginning, there were no banks, no money, no economics, no credit, none of this.┬áSo when we look at our current system, it is helpful to ask: “Why was this invented?”, “Who benefitted from it when it was created?”, “Who benefits from this construction now?”, “Does this construction make sense right now?” and “Are there better alternatives?”

As it has been constructed along the way, at every step in the process, the system has been intentionally designed to benefit the relative few at the expense of the larger remaining many. At times, there have been overreaches where the system temporarily so jeopardizes the lives and lifestyles of the many that they take up arms and fight, overturning their governments, or pressuring it to limit the overreaches. This happened in the U.S. at the revolution, then later in the late 1800s and early 1900s with the labor movement. It happened in France during their revolution. It has happened in every country where the few took so much the many could no longer tolerate the leftovers.

Our economic system is designed to create and maintain the class of poor.


Think about that…

Even large-scale revolution won’t work anymore. The wealthy have rigged the global system so that a revolution in any one country, or even region, will not effect sufficient change.

So we’re going to need to try a different sort of revolution.

An economic revolution…

We’re going to have to change the rules of the game outside the system.

Hack it

More on this tomorrow…