the collected ramblings of an old-soul searcher

African Phoenix

flames burn in

mother’s heart

deep root black

burning strong

connection soul

rhythm beats

africa calls

mother’s cry

iron hearts

prides roar

never dead

never out

Silly con Valley

hear our call

we will take you down

and crush

til you throw

the Fuckers out

burn suits

tie them up

torture child men

make them scream

til comes day

children sing

love is how

true art to bring

a bit is not a bit

imagine a world where

dynamic causality triangulates

outward in symmetric rays

and four directions

base three would

be much much


Protocol Red

(part 15 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

In order to eliminate persistent concentrations of power which always tend in acceleration towards tyranny,

there must be protocol



Protocol Red

protocol red




Cante Ohitika




lightnet query: what was the key to union?
7 results: importance rank
Subject: CIA / NSA Joint Assesssment - Why is Anarchy Worse than Communism?
To: <global office heads>
From: Herbert J. Walker - Director of Threat Assessment

Communism was the greatest threat to global elite hegemony truth justice and the American way since the Civil War. The Cold War dominated global politics for the last 60 years.

Not any more

The greatest threat to hegemony the continued prosperity of the American way of life is the continued growth of the amistad movement. We cannot let these ideas… anarchy, the very idea that a group of humans could manage their affairs without a centralized state… preposterous.

Protocol Red is extremely dangerous. A memetic weapon of mass destruction. Corporate profits Our way of life will be destroyed if people understand the real implications of protocol red. We cannot let it get out. Any leaks must be handled with extreme prejudice.

Protocol Red is the information and logistics flow architecture and engineering protocol for amistad. With it, they do not need government in the traditional sense. Our internal economic assessments tell us this combined with their consistent internal quality delivery of goods and services combine to give them a 90% gross reductions in overheads across all sectors.

We have stopped the spread of the Protocol Red documents and will have the last details mopped up before the end of the year.

Cordero likely has more up his sleeve… but he’s disappeared. They say he’s dead, but that’s now how I’m bettin’.

Keep up the good fight.

Johnny Walker

Zombie Apocalypse Z’umairian Style

Apocalypse comes from Greek apocalypsis which means lifting of the veil

Seems we’ve had a bit of crypto apocalypse in the literal sense over the last year


It’s time to lift the veil on the banks

especially, especially, especially,

no I really mean it




y trales

It Started with Una

(part 14 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

It Started with una

union natural de los aboriginales

Numero uno’s time had passt


Seems the powers hadn’t really thought things

ran the implications

would ‘dis

prove their end


Una’s weapon of choice was the ant suit. Now I know you’re thinking, shit, not a bullet ant suit like the gloves they wear for initiations. Not a whole suit of bullet ants worth of pain…

Remember, indigenous does not mean savage

The ant suit is a new legal construct whereby internet cloud technologies are used to greatly increase the defensive and offensive legal capabilities of a large group through the judicious application of automation towards the legal processing of large numbers of individual legal suits directed against particular target legal adversaries.

Or if you prefer English to academese, an ant suit is when the ants gang up and sue the elephant into oblivion.

If you’re a hacker, you can think of it as a perfectly moral and legal way to SYN flood the legal system in favor of the people and against the holders of power.

How did it work? Easy

Fuck with Una and they’d bury you in legal paperwork. Are you in 100 countries? You’re 100 ways fucked.

Think you can use the old methods to intimidate with threats of legal action? Ooooh, that’s a really bad choice

That’s when they bring the big guns

L’ Nightmare Unas

Direct mind fuckery with the assholes running the show. Chief Counsel, CEO, COO, CFO any C’s at all. They all get L’ Nightmare Unas special treatment.

Think paparazzi meets very annoying reporterz meets mean girls tit for tat

ratta tatta tat tatta

better not have any skeletons

Sovereignty and Open War

(part 13 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

If it begins at all, it begins tomorrow…

Thinking back from the end, we’ve got 10 days left ’til the new year.

We want the big trade to bite right after the market close on New Year’s Eve. This means that we need to set the bait much earlier, not too early or we’ll give away the element of surprise.

So if this month is a go for this year, we’ll soon know…

Otherwise, we need to think about next year. Next year will be much harder, but we’ll have a lot more time to plan and train. We’ll soon see…

Still, even if it is not to be tomorrow. We can use a discussion of this week to prophecy a possible week for December 2014.

Today, December 22, 2013, is the day of Sovereignty for the Longest Walk 4, the last day of the Walk returning in the opposite direction as the original Longest Walk. According to the commenter Annie on that site:

Sovereignty, …what does it really mean to an indigenous human being? Good question and here is my reply! Sovereignty to me means freedom. You see we lost our freedom and our “Sovereignty” when others came to pillage where we lived and decided to make our homeland their homeland and proceeded to take everything from us including the very ground under our feet. Afterward they pretended everything was theirs by denying the very fact that we were even human beings.

They referred to us over and over again as “SAVAGES” to justify their very blatant lack of respect, friendship, trustworthiness, truthfulness, and thievery. They infected us with their petulance, enslaved us, divided our people, took our children, degraded our men and women, bastardized our names, forced their beliefs upon us as if we had none of our own, educated us by force in their ways, forced their language upon us, and left us out of the historical record as if we never existed …except when it suited them in some concocted Disney fairy-tale.

Sovereignty …you say … what does it mean to me …it means just another lie, trick, deception, an anointment they might give to us like “recognition”. We know who we are …and we don’t need them to tell us who we are. Take back our sovereignty by ignoring that they have possession of it …and us. We are not their Chattel, we are human beings that, …without a doubt, were here in our homeland before those foreigners ever got here to falsely claim our domain. Eminent Domain!!!!! Freedom!!!

Annie is clearly upset. And I can’t blame her one bit. We have not made an apology, nor an attempt as a nation to right the wrongs our forefathers carried out and that our government continues to carry out on our behalf to this day towards the American Indians as the colonial powers all acted towards indigenous peoples all over the Earth.

Now I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid.

I don’t know if the American Indians are prepared to execute Protocol Red. We won’t know ’til later this week.

I don’t know, but I’m sure hopin’

‘Cuz that would be an awesome start for the new year

Open War on the oligarch’s

Open War on the wasicu,

the dishonorable men

the taker’s of fat, wherever they at

Live Free or

Quilombo Global

(part 12 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

Lightnet Query: Taskawi's Call to the Oppressed and Indigenous
37 Results

Title: Crazy White Buffalo, 13th of December

The 12 days ’til Christmas start today.

The 16 ’til Wounded Knee

today it begins


Empire has been upon us since the very dawn of civilization.

In times past there was always an outside to weaken

the center to fall

like tears in the rain

Empire’s run has come to an end

Empire has filled the Earth and

No where is safe to hide

Empire strikes out in anger to preserve

Privilege and position

American interests

Selfish interests

The wealthy

The few

Empire gasps exhausted

Rains death from the skies

Upon weddings and children

Upon hopes


Death on dreams


Peace we seek

Peace and

Peace, Love, Equality, Freedom

the four pillars burn


When we, the Pte Oyate of the Oceti Sakowin

The sacred buffalo peoples of seven council fires

When we take a stand at Wounded Knee


Stand with us sisters

Stand with us brothers

Stand children

Stand mothers


For Peace

For Love

For Freedom

For Equality


Inshallah, there will be peace

One love

One peace

One world


Together we will build

Quilombo Global

Rebbe or Netan the Yahu

(part 11 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

Lightnet Query: Taskawi's Call to the Jews
37 Results

Title: Crazy White Buffalo, 13th of December

The 12 days ’til Christmas start today.

The world is mostly run by so-called Christian governments

Some of these same have hunted down and killed your people


They have burned them

They have skinned them

They have flayed them

And still they could not kill you


You are the children of a promise


Rebbe saw that near was מָשִׁיחַ‎

I tell you now that he has come


Rebbe saw that God’s will was love

Netan the Yahu brings only war


All scripture points to this time

an age of deliverance and choice

And so the Jewish people of the world must choose


Peace and love?

Or fear and war?


Care for the children and mothers?

Or kill and starve them?


Jerusalem will not stand if it lets

the King of Blood rule its walls


Before the year’s end will come a test

do you stand with God?

or with War?


Do you believe God loves all his children?

Or only you?

Striving in the way of God

(part 10 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

Lightnet Query: Taskawi's Call to Muslims
37 Results

Title: Crazy White Buffalo, 13th of December

The 12 days ’til Christmas start today.

Jesus was a prophet of Allah

The people who use his name do not practice his words. This is obvious to all true and faithful followers of Islam.

Christian is the name

Unchristian are the acts

The Christians have lost their way

and it will be the followers of Islam who lead them back to God

Some Sufis say the angel Michael has returned

that the Mahdi rides with him

to free the slaves of Israel

This month will come a sign

a great sign which all will see

a sign that Allah is ready

Allah sent Muhammed as a prophet

to bring the people back to him

There were to be no priests

no intermediaries to tell the faithful what to


This is why Islam thrived for so long

while Christian Europe fell into

dark ages

When Islam came to have its priests and to put Imams

between Allah and each of you

in following the Christian lead it

brought dishonor on Islam

At year’s end will come a test

Love or Money

Peace or War

Allah or self

May Allah grant you favor and wisdom as you contemplate

the great battles in the coming year and which side

you will join

in the final war

The first Palestinians were American

Pine Ridge and the other reservations

the West Bank and Gaza of the U.S.

Allah will make a stand at Wounded Knee

we begin our

Striving in the way of Allah

to unbury the dead

and tell the stories of our pain

of our striving

The Lord’s Prayer for Christmas

(part 9 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

Lightnet Query: Taskawi's Call to Christians
37 Results

Title: Crazy White Buffalo, 13th of December

The 12 days ’til Christmas start today.

We, the Pte Oyate of the Oceti Sakowin (Buffalo people of the seven council fires), pray to the Christian God, the same as our Wakantanka. The sacred father and to Maka Ina the mother of all. We pray that you hear the words of your lord, Jesus Christ:

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on Earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven out debtors.

And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

These words are spoken by hundreds of millions each week in their sacred rituals at mass and church.

Yet too few take the time to contemplate their meaning.

Christ worked to bring the Father’s kingdom and will to the Earth
He worked for his own bread and to help feed others

He helped us to realize that we all have done others wrong
So we should be patient and kind when others wrong us

He helped us see that evil tempts us all
So we should not judge those who fall prey to it
from time to time


We who pray the above words
Do we understand them? Do we practice them?

Or do we settle? Do we allow the temptation of preference and privilege to choke off our love? Do we hold back out of fear? Do we do what those around us do, even when we know it is wrong? Or when our heart sings another song

This is the only evil. This is the only sin.

To not follow

the light within.


To give others custodianship over our personal relationship with God.

To not think and feel for ourselves.

To remain silent when we want to speak.

To remain sitting when the time to stand has come.

I call on you my Christian brothers and sisters. It is time to birth God’s Kingdom

Michael has returned to Earth and is guiding his people

Mahdi rides with him

Soon they will ride together to bring peace

to Jerusalem’s door


The choice will be yours

Before the end of the year will come a test

Love or money


The kingdom of God? Or the kingdom of men

So go now, and pray in the way you find best,

ask for God’s blessing,

Jesus’ guidance

and Mother Mary’s mercy

The time for deliverance is nigh

to unbury the hearts of Wounded Knee

Onward Christian Warriors
Hoka hey