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It Started with Una

(part 14 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

It Started with una
union natural de los aboriginales
menusculo case lowered
poder de sexo feminina
Numero Uno’s time had passed

The Powers hadn’t really
thought things through
ran the implications
‘dis would
prove their


Una’s weapon of choice was the ant suit. Not just any ants but the bullet ant suit.

The bullet ant, or paraponera clavata, is a big venemous predator ant indigenous to Central and South America. In Spanish, they are known as hormiga veinticuatro, or 24 ants, for the 24 hours of pain that follow getting stung. They more commonly call them bullet ants because they are supposed to be as painful as a bullet wound, a full 4+ on the Schmidt Sting Pain Index; above even the feared tarantula hawk wasp sting.

According to Wikipedia:

The Satere-Mawe people of Brazil use intentional bullet ant stings as part of their initiation rites to become a warrior. The ants are first rendered unconscious by submerging them in a natural sedative, and then hundreds of them are woven into a glove made of leaves (which resembles a large oven mitt), stingers facing inward. When the ants regain consciousness, a boy slips the glove onto his hand. The goal of this initiation rite is to keep the glove on for a full 10 minutes. When finished, the boy’s hand and part of his arm are temporarily paralyzed because of the ant venom, and he may shake uncontrollably for days. The only “protection” provided is a coating of charcoal on the hands, supposedly to confuse the ants and inhibit their stinging. To fully complete the initiation, however, the boys must go through the ordeal a total of 20 times over the course of several months or even years.

Back to the ant suit. Now I hope you’re thinking, shit, not a bullet ant suit. One like the Satere-Mawe initiation gloves but for the whole body. Not a whole suit of bullet ants worth of pain…

Even the Oligarch’s don’t deserve that much pain. Remember, indigenous does not mean savage.

The ant suit is a new type of mass lawsuit. A new legal warfare strategy where internet cloud technologies are used to greatly increase the defensive and offensive legal capabilities of a large group through the judicious application of automation towards the legal processing of large numbers of individual legal suits directed against particular target legal adversaries.

Or if you prefer English to academese, an ant suit is when the ants gang up and sue the elephant into oblivion.

You can think of it as a perfectly moral and legal way to flood the legal system in favor of the people and against the holders of power. We’ll swamp them with sheer numbers by making it easier and much cheaper to sue large corporations.

How does it work? Easy

Fuck with Una and they’d bury you in legal paperwork. Are you in 100 countries? You’re 100 ways fucked squared.

Then the ants come out. Think 100 people in each of the 100 countries filing 100 suits. This means 10,000 separate lawsuits, each of which is built on different tort claims and hence each of which must be responded to individually. That means 10,000 different legal bills built with the ant-suit cloud software optimized to make response difficult and expensive. Paralegal pyrotechnics.

Think you can use the old methods to intimidate with threats of legal action? Ooooh, that’s a really bad choice

That’s when they bring the big guns

Nightmare L’Unas

Direct mind fuckery with the assholes running the show. Chief Counsel, CEO, COO, CFO any C’s at all. They all get Nightmare L’Unas special treatment.

Think paparazzi meets very annoying reporterz meets mean girls tit for tat

ratta tatta tat tatta

better not have any skeletons

Leaving work Mr. Dastardly Dowrong, CEO of Evil Incorporated? You’ll be followed everywhere you go. Just like an A-lister. We’ll know who you meet, for how long, and whether you prefer shaken to stirred. And we will record everything.

The uncomfortable questions that catch you off guard; the ones that make you bristle; the ones that make you tremble. Your response on video, edited, and ready for the lede on the 6 o’clock news. The only thing worse than responding is to not respond.

You want us to live in a police state under the intense scrutiny of bureaucrats and rule mongers? We’ll show you what that’s like. See how you like it.

I’m bettin’ you won’t.

Open War

(part 13 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

If it begins at all, it begins Monday…

Thinking back from the end, we’ve got 17 days left ’til the new year.

We want the big trade to bite right after the market close on New Year’s Eve. This means that we need to set the bait much earlier, not too early or we’ll give away the element of surprise. So how about Christmas week? Monday, Tuesday, Christmas Eve… what have the Lakota up their sleeve?

If it is to be December 22nd for the start of the bait, then it’s probably best started after the close on the 19th, with the bulk of the action on the 20th, or about a week from now. That means we need to start today, tomorrow latest planning something concrete. Ideally, something that seems small and isolated but that then grows bigger with seeming resolution and renewed calm in the markets before the year’s end slam.

So if this month is a go for this year, we’ll soon know…

Otherwise, we need to think about next year. Next year will be much harder, but we’ll have a lot more time to plan and train. We’ll soon see…

Still, even if it is not to be tomorrow. We can use a discussion of this week to prophecy a possible week for next year’s December.

What might this bait and slam look like?

First, let’s think about what we’ll want to accomplish with our trading. We want to buy all of the worst players and the best players in the markets. The best, because they will do better. The worst, so we can reform them, change their business models or shut them down and sell off the assets, depending on the desires of the good people who work for them.

In order to buy these companies for the best possible prices, we need to create major surprise negative market actions for those stocks. The best way to do this would be to have prepared a thorough investigation of negative news and to be ready to post it all at once or a bit at a time, depending on our needs.

Preparing this level of research might take a bit of time. So perhaps the best strategy is for one or two of us to go back a few years, and then start things there so they’ll be ready for today. This will require technology that we won’t invent until sometime next year. So some of you will have to wait until next year to go back until a few years ago to start in preparation for right now.

If that seems confusing, don’t worry, it gets easier with the doing. In fact, I can tell that some of you already have done exactly that. The signs of the tech in use are clear to see for all those who know what to look for.

Genetically identical twins of different ages, for example, are very easy to get when one person goes back and meets herself. They’ll seem like twins, but they’ll really be two copies of the same person. They’ll seem like twins, only one of the twins, that is, the future twin, will be older and know more about the future than the younger twin who is living on the original timeline.

Now, this will all seem like science fiction, and indeed it is science fiction until we invent the time-traveling technology next year. So perhaps we ought not to rely on future tech. Another time-traveling technique that would work fine is for some of us to decide to do this next year. Which means this year, we’ll make this whole project fail, or seem to fail so the world at large ignores us or never even hears of us. Then ten or a hundred or a few thousand of us can quietly work on the parts of the project until next year. When I will post this same set of chapters again, only then we’ll be ready.

Or, perhaps we could have done this last year. So now, this year, some of us will have been working for a year. Or perhaps two or three…

Now if things seem to be rolling along very quickly, you’ll have to ask yourself: Was it time-travel? Or secret multi-year planning?

That way this year, when the chapters roll off, we’ll all know what’s coming, and we’ll have prepared our friends and networks for what is about to unfold, and we’ll know exactly what to do when because we will have prepared for this moment.

Now, in this likely event, we will have prepared well, but not for a specific plan, because we won’t know until now what we should do.  And we will want the world to believe that all of this arose spontaneously, that the people of the Earth just got fed up one day and decided to band together to take down the evil oligarchs in one day’s market mayhem.

Ideally, we want to do this without the markets themselves doing anything that would make news in the wider world. Think less than a percentage movement in all the global markets. No crashes, no burns, no triggers for panic or government intervention.

That means we’ll need to be planning the targets this week. But before the targets, we need the theme: Indigenous Revolution. Starting small in these United States, quelled by the status quo armed overreaction, that’s the bait.

Then during the weekend after the bait is set, all hell breaks loose on a global scale but unseen. All the indigenous, all the youth, all those who love peace, we all withdraw and offer physical support to a peaceful global revolution restoring indigenous rights and lands all over the Earth.

The rapture’s disappearance of all the meek. That’s what it will look like to those who aren’t in on the game.

Where did they all go? What is happening? Why was I not taken with them? Is Michael really returned?

The open wounds of good deeds undone will be our call. We have not made an apology, nor any attempt as a nation, to right the wrongs our forefathers carried out. Wrongs our government continues to carry out on our behalf to this day towards the American Indians. In similar manner, colonial powers have all acted towards indigenous peoples all over the Earth in recent centuries.

This unanswered call, the call to righteousness, is our opening. Since we must do something to address these wrongs, we might as well do the right thing. Since we cannot expect our governments, driven and controlled by the few and powerful, to do the right thing, we must take action ourselves.

Now I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid, and I don’t know if the American Indians are prepared to execute Protocol Red. We won’t know ’til later this month.

I don’t know, but I’m sure hopin’.

‘Cuz that would be an awesome start for the new year.

Open War on the oligarchs.

Open War on the wasicu,

the dishonorable men,

the taker’s of the fat, wherever they at.

Live free or …



Quilombo Global

(part 12 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

Lightnet Query:
Taskawi's Call to the Oppressed and Indigenous

37 Results

1 - Author: Crazy White Buffalo
1 - Date: 12th of December, 2014

The 12 days ’til Christmas start tomorrow.

The 17 ’til Wounded Knee

today it begins


Empire has been upon us since the very dawn of civilization.

In times past there was always an outside to weaken

the center to fall

like tears in the rain

Empire’s run has come to an end

Empire has filled the Earth and

no where is safe to hide

Empire strikes out in anger to preserve

privilege and position

American interests

Selfish interests

the wealthy

the few

Empire gasps exhausted

rains death from the skies

upon weddings and children

upon hopes


death on dreams


peace we seek

peace and

peace, love, equality, freedom

the four pillars burn


when we, the pte oyate of the oceti sakowin

the sacred buffalo peoples of seven council fires

when we take a stand at Wounded Knee


stand with us sisters

stand with us brothers

stand children

stand mothers


for peace

for love

for freedom

for equality


inshallah, there will be peace

one love

one peace

one world


together we will build

quilombo global


When you think about what is and what might be, those who look to a better future are often accused of being utopian. As if better never comes, nor ever has done so.

No, the plain truth, here and now, is that we are living in a suboptimal world for the vast majority of people. In fact, it’s suboptimal for everyone, though we’d certainly have a hard time convincing the oligarch’s of that.

Oppression and hoarding is making the world a much worse place than what is possible even when one accounts for all the foibles and weaknesses that humans always have displayed when working together.

Abstract statements like the above are hard to evaluate. What is better? Is this better than that?

So let’s get concrete, here is what the indigenous will do with their wealth:

  1. Indigenous will buy the best companies in the world. The ones that make the products that everyone would buy if they had the money. Products designed for mass production of excellence. Think Apple and Audi and Martin-Logan.
  2. Indigenous will buy the best run manufacturers of all the components used in all the best products. And the companies that make the tools used to make those components.
  3. Indigenous will license the designs and patents for all these products, components and manufacturing technologies to the entire world.
  4. Indigenous will provide these products to all who need them at a small markup over costs and provide them free of charge to the poor who can’t afford them at all so that everyone on Earth has the tech they need to be a fully-integrated member of 3rd-millenium society.
  5. Indigenous will modularize all designs in both physical hardware and software interface to actively encourage the improvement of the designs for all the components and systems and will encourage radical experimentation. This will foster competition at the component level. Want your design in the new iPhone? Just make one part better and it will be.
  6. Indigenous will encourage and support modular upgrades so we no longer have to replace an entire phone to get one new feature, or because we want one new hardware component, like a memory or screen upgrade.

This will be true of cars, computers, phones, solar power systems, toilets etc. They will be designed for continuous upgrades and maintenance so we stop filling up landfills with shitty products that broke down because they were designed to break.

The indigenous view the whole Earth and all peoples as part of one large family. They know that we can only bring peace when everyone knows they will be treated equally. They know we cannot continue to give a small set of people more than we can give everyone as that defines inequality.

The solution isn’t to build more cities and to consume more resources. It is to consume far less by making living in the country much more enjoyable. To bring the benefits of city life to everyone.

Jobs, education, connectivity, meaning, these are basis for a life of equality and beauty for all. These are all attainable without burning up the Earth and without any need for more war and death and destruction. Today, using existing technology.

We need to start thinking more like a family. I don’t know about you, but in my family, everyone gets a computer suitable to their age and aspirations. Everyone gets a phone once they are old enough to be trusted to care for it. And everyone gets a job that has meaning. We don’t wait for one to come along. We look at what needs doing and we jump in and start the doing.

Do I want one of my daughters to live in luxury while another starves? Or one of my sisters to vacation 10 weeks a year while another slaves working 52 weeks straight? Or one aunt to live in comfortable retirement while another dies in poverty?


So why do we tolerate this in our society?

Only because we have grown lazy in our hopes and feeble in our dreams.

Today, tomorrow, certainly by the end of 2015 we could have all of the above for everyone. And good healthcare. And healthy food and clean water.

We could do it in one year. 2015

One year.

Now I know that many of you think that’s a crazy idea. That I must be mentally ill to even consider this a possibility.

No, that’s wrong. I’ve just seen enough of the world to have seen the parts that we need to assemble into one whole to make it work.

Will the world be perfect? No. It will never be perfect, it will always be possible to make it better. And better we should make it.

What we can do is build a society that is rooted firmly on equality, on a complete lack of privilege for a favored few, and on continuous learning and improvement. That we can do.

A world that learns and gets better is a wonderful legacy to leave our children and their children to the seventh generation. That is what the indigenous revolution will bring.

So now, I ask you, are you ready to sacrifice for this end? Are you ready to give up your current job and lifestyle so that everyone can share a better one? Are you willing to put everything you possess on the line, and risk your present selfish future to build for all?

December 29th, 2014

Wounded Knee South Dakota, Turtle Island


If you are old enough to read these words and understand them, you are old enough to join the fight for global equality. I won’t patronize you and tell you what to do as if you can’t determine that for yourself. I only tell you that we need your help.

We need the help of everyone who looks at the changes coming, not the ones predicted, but the ones we can see happening already here and now. We need the help of everyone who sees these changes and says: No. I will not stand idle as millions of beautiful plants and animals die off because we were too stupid to do something while we had the chance.

We need the help of everyone who can see the connection between poverty and disease and says: no, I will not stand idle as super-germs breed in the slums and poor villages of the forgotten wastelands. I will not stand idle while my parents drink chardonay and carmel machiattos; and drive beemers to my football (soccer) practice and piano recitals.

We need the help of everyone who knows that the time to stand not idle is now.

Equality is ours for the taking.

Freedom is ours for the taking.

Peace is ours for the taking.

Love can be the way of the world if we but dream once again a higher dream. The highest dream. A world of love.

We cannot let the fears of the olds kill this dream. We cannot let the fears of the olds bring this perpectual cycle of war and privation and sickness and death.

We who are not afraid, who are warriors of light, we dream not small things but sublime height.

We who are not afraid to fail again and again and again as long as it takes. We are the ones who will bring peace and love to the world.

Even if we die.

If we stand together, as one and quickly, there will be much less death than what the status quo will bring on their current course. Even among the warriors.

So we ask you not to die but to live.

We ask for your help here and now.

Indigenous revolution.

Were you born of the Earth?

Are you indigenous?

Or foreign?

Is Earth your homeland? Or some other place?

Do you relate to all who call themselves human?

Do you love all who live, not only those who love you back?

Is your love ready for one year’s sacrifice?

Stand with us now. Please

We need your help

Earth calls to you

We call to you

Help please


Rebbe or Netan the Yahu

(part 11 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

Lightnet Query:
Taskawi's Call to the Jews

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1 - Author: Crazy White Buffalo
1 - Date: 13th of December, 2013

The 12 days ’til Christmas start today.

The world is mostly run by so-called Christian governments

Some of these same have hunted down and killed your people


They have burned them

They have skinned them

They have flayed them

And still they could not kill you


You are the children of a promise


Rebbe saw that near was מָשִׁיחַ‎

I tell you now that he has come


Rebbe saw that God’s will was love

Netan the Yahu brings only war


All scripture points to this time

an age of deliverance and choice

And so the Jewish people of the world must choose


Peace and love?

Or fear and war?


Care for the children and mothers?

Or kill and starve them?


Jerusalem will not stand if it lets

the King of Blood rule its walls


Before the year’s end will come a test

do you stand with God?

or with War?


Do you believe God loves all his children?

Only you?

But not those of Palestine?


Who better to epitomize what brings war than the Jews. Fear and hatred brings oppression and death which breeds fear and hatred in a new generation and this continues without end until some group ends it. This is the way of war. Has always been thus and always will be so. Until a generation comes which forgives prior debts and offers love instead of hatred in return.

Christianity has been oppressing the Jews since the birth of Christianity as a force in the third century A.D. Any problems with the Jews, to the extent it persists as actual problems, can be traced directly to Christian oppression.

A great irony of our times is that the hatred the Jews have for the palestinians has isolated them from world opinion once again. In their pursuit of security at all costs, they have created an existential threat in the isolation from all other nations. Jewish safety is not to be found in the oppression of Palestinians because of race and religion.

No one can blame those who have seen their families burned and imprisoned and tortured for fearing and hating those who they see as enemies. It is easy to transfer the object of original hatred to others, to blame those of another time and error for the wrongs done to your grandparents and great-grandparents. It is easy to do, but harmful in the doing. A new generation, one that did not see the holocaust first hand might be able to overcome the great fear of the Jews. Until that time, there will be no peace in Palestine. And Israel will continue to be an object of hatred and division in the Middle East.

The way forward is forgiveness, not hatred. The dropping of old wounds on the part of the Arabs and the Jews. It must begin with the Jews since they control the guns and territory. While they persist to oppress and crush in racist hatred we must withdraw our support. Fear and hatred are not the ways of love.

Striving in the way of God

(part 10 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

I never believed much in exact prophecy. Though I have seen some things that lead me to believe that some people get hints at the future, prophets always seem to get dates wrong. They’re often a little ahead of their time.

Taskawi said this last December, yet at the same time, he’s been running his life as if he didn’t expect things to go down last year. As if he’d been using the last year and last year’s words only to prepare his friends and the kindred spirit networks for days to come.

For this year perhaps?

Here’s what he said last year to the Muslims:

Lightnet Query: Taskawi's Call to Muslims

37 Results
1 - Author: Crazy White Buffalo
1 - Date: 13th of December, 2013

The 12 days ’til Christmas start today.

Jesus was a prophet of Allah

The people who use his name do not practice his words. This is obvious to all true and faithful followers of Islam.

Christian is the name

Unchristian are the acts

The Christians have lost their way

and it will be the followers of Islam who lead them back to God


Some Sufis say the angel Michael has returned

that the Mahdi rides with him

to free the slaves of Israel

This month will come a sign

a great sign which all will see

a sign that Allah is ready

Allah sent Muhammed as a prophet

to bring the people back to him


There were to be no priests

no intermediaries to tell the faithful what to



This is why Islam thrived for so long

while Christian Europe fell into

dark ages


When Islam came to have its priests and to put Imams

between Allah and each of you

in following the Christian lead it

brought dishonor on Islam

At year’s end will come a test

Love or Money

Peace or War

Allah or self


May Allah grant you favor and wisdom as you contemplate

the great battles in the coming year and which side

you will join

in the final war

The first Palestinians were American

Pine Ridge and the other reservations

the West Bank and Gaza of the U.S.


Allah will make a stand at Wounded Knee

we begin our

Striving in the way of Allah

to unbury the dead

and tell the stories of our pain

of our striving


Taskawi and Zed both put great faith in the muslims. Both said they were indeed people of peace. But what they liked most about Islam was the traditional lack of authoritative leadership.

Every muslim was to develop a relationship with Allah through their own study and interpretation of the Koran.

Like all religions, however, over time certain men held themselves over others as authorities and this became the source for corruptions and indeed for the violent extremist strains of Islam.

Zed spoke of the time when these corruptions would be washed away and how the true prophets would appeal to the ancient truths.

I’m a scientist, I’ll believe it when I see it. I did find the historical analysis they provided to be interesting and useful for making sense of the world. When Islam was open, it is clear that it thrived and the Muslim world was at the center of knowledge and advancement. As Islam became more oppressive of women and more insulated, it’s adherents found less success and the Christian world became more dominant.

Zed believed that Muslim peace lovers all over the world would eventually see the connection between being open and non-judgement and what he termed the Blessings of Allah. Indeed, this was Taskawi’s hope as well.

Time will tell. I hope they are right.


hyper-superfluid that’s the whey

that beaker’s break and muppet’s


- Ragnar “Commodore ZZZ” Perry

The Lord’s Prayer for Christmas

(part 9 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

Taskawi addressed the Christians first. I’ll have to check the Lightnet to see exactly what he wrote. Here it is:

Lightnet Query: Taskawi's Call to Christians
37 Results
Title: Crazy White Buffalo, 13th of December, 2013

The 12 days ’til Christmas start today.

We, the Pte Oyate of the Oceti Sakowin (Buffalo people of the seven council fires), pray to the Christian God, the same as our Wakantanka. The sacred father and to Maka Ina the mother of all. We pray that you hear the words of your lord, Jesus Christ:

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on Earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven out debtors.

And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

These words are spoken by hundreds of millions each week in their sacred rituals at mass and church.

Yet too few take the time to contemplate their meaning.

Christ worked to bring the Father’s kingdom and will to the Earth
He worked for his own bread and to help feed others

He helped us to realize that we all have done others wrong
So we should be patient and kind when others wrong us

He helped us see that evil tempts us all
So we should not judge those who fall prey to it
from time to time


We who pray the above words
Do we understand them? Do we practice them?

Or do we settle? Do we allow the temptation of preference and privilege to choke off our love? Do we hold back out of fear? Do we do what those around us do, even when we know it is wrong? Or when our heart sings another song

This is the only evil. This is the only sin.

To not follow

the light within.


To give others custodianship over our personal relationship with God.

To not think and feel for ourselves.

To remain silent when we want to speak.

To remain sitting when the time to stand has come.

I call on you my Christian brothers and sisters. It is time to birth God’s Kingdom

Michael has returned to Earth and is guiding his people

Mahdi rides with him

Soon they will ride together to bring peace

to Jerusalem’s door


The choice will be yours

Before the end of the year will come a test

Love or money


The kingdom of God? Or the kingdom of men

So go now, and pray in the way you find best,

ask for God’s blessing,

Jesus’ guidance

and Mother Mary’s mercy

The time for deliverance is nigh

to unbury the hearts of Wounded Knee

Onward Christian Warriors
Hoka hey


Taskawi claimed Cordero had an inside scoop to Michael’s whereabouts. I’m a scientist. I normally be raise my eyebrows and ignore claims of archangels riding bible-prophecy style. That’s the stuff of delusion’s type stereo.

But it’s hard to ignore the science. I’ve been working on a pentachoron-based quantum gravity theory, which has some surprising, if not quasi-religious implications. Namely that history flows in causal connection and while at certain types the causality diverges, at other times causality converges.

Divergence is what science normally sees. The butterfly effect, is a divergent phenomenon. Very small changes in initial conditions,  like the flapping of a bufferfly’s wings, can affect a hurricane on the other side of the Earth several weeks later.

Convergence is the opposite. Science does not yet acknowledge that causality might be convergent. That is because the causal substrates of a particle-based physics does not allow for convergence, only divergence.

That’s what makes the pentachoron-based causality so interesting. Time and cause and effect have both phases, divergence when possibilities increase, and convergence when possibilities decrease. That’s what happens when you move from a rectangle-based physics to a triangle-based one. Pentachorons are built of triangles. In fact, a pentachoron is a hyper-pyramid where the pyramid is the three-sided tetrahedron variety. The four sided die of Dungeons and Dragons is a tetrahedron. A pentachoron is a fourth dimensional counterpart to the four-sided die shape.

With tetrahdral connections, like the connections of atoms inside a diamond, sometimes the one event branches out into three effects, during divergence, and sometimes the three events converge into one effect during convergence.

So what the theory hints at is that causal convergence happens in cycles. These cycles are naturally tied to fluctuations in the strength of the gravitational field. So, according to the theory, for example, each month as the moon cycles through it’s phases there is naturally also be a cycle of convergence / divergence. Convergence comes as the gravitational field increases when the moon is new and on the same side of the Earth as the Sun, and divergence comes as the moon waxes to full at the point where it sits opposite the sun.

Likewise, there is an annual cycle tied to the elliptical orbit of the Earth around the Sun.

To be sure, I don’t have enough data to be able to publish any scientific papers on this theory. But that’s not my threshold. For the moment, I’m just looking at things that some have once considered hocus-pocus and non-scientific mumbo-jumbo with more open eyes. Even seemingly crazy things like the Mayan long-count cycles which ended with the winter solstice of December 21, 2012 might have significance in a universe where causality converges.

Another way to look at causal convergence is something I’ve been terming: synchrodensity. How often do crazy coincidences take place. During convergence, there will be more than the usual amount of crazy coincidences, higher synchrodensity. During divergence, less coincidence and lower synchrodensity. At least that is what the theory posits.

So in an effort to keep an open mind, I’ve been looking anew at life’s coincidences and holding open the potential that something as crazy as prophecy might actually have some scientific basis.

That’s because another idea that the theory hints at is that there would be some echoes of future convergence which might be detectable by sensitive apparatus. And for this reason, it seems reasonable to conclude that were such echoes visible that there is a possibility that some humans would have evolved to detect some of these echoes. So the idea of clairvoyance might have some scientific basis.

More on this later, but for now, just know that for all the above reasons, I have been keeping an open mind with respect to Cordero’s claims about Michael’s ride. Perhaps Michael is one such clairvoyant who happens to have just a bit more understanding about some as-yet-uncharted scientific knowledge which gives him an ability which we would see as supernatural but which are, in fact, entirely natural and technological if only we understood the science. Perhaps an archangel is really more like Tony Stark than a supernatural magical wizard. Arthur C. Clarke didn’t have trouble reconciling magic with technology, why should we?

Sounds crazy? Yes, it sure does. But I’ve seen a lot of crazy things take place over the last several years, and I’m about to run another test while here in England that may strengthen the theory. So I’m reserving judgement in the meantime.

Maybe there is a God or some higher consciousness. And maybe there is scientific proof of the existence of God. I’m a scientist, so I’m keeping an open mind until the data is in. No evidence for yet, is not the same as evidence against.


Which brings us to the final and perhaps most directly relevant aspect of the theory: anniversaries have meaning in a causal sense because convergences link past and present and future. If something happened on a particular date, then that date in the future carries meaning associated with that date that goes far beyond the meaning we assign as human remembers of the event. There is a causal convergence which ties those events to future dates.

Now that’s a pretty hard thing to prove but it falls pretty naturally out of the theoretical underpinnings of the theory.

Big turning points in history seem most likely to have importance as a causal anniversary.  They are also excellent rallying points for large-scale mass action. Likewise with jobs left undone. These build and pend up the energy for future change.

Taskawi wrote the above just about a year ago. Did the Christians rally? No.

If Cordero is right and Michael is waiting to reveal himself, he’s probably not very happy with the Christians right now.

Chicago Style

(part 8 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

Apoca looked at the paper he’d just been sent. Chicago-style, that’s the ticket…


Article: Saabsi Virdi’s Notes on the Chicago Strategy, London School of Economics

Subject: Operation Midnight Red

It should be pretty clear by now to anyone who is paying attention that governments do not act in the best interests of their citizens unless forced to do so.

No U.S. bankers in jail despite massive fraud in many areas…

We indict teachers in Atlanta for cheating 10s of thousands but ignore hundreds of millions when it’s bankers doing the taking.

The EU attempting to steal the deposits of Cyprus citizens to pay for the sins of the E.U. bankers who lent money.

What to do? What to do?

It’s clear that world citizens are going to have to take matters into their own hands. Guns and violence won’t work as that’s the game the system is expecting, they control the armies, and violence gets people killed. Besides, there’s no need for that.

We can, instead, use the very mechanisms of finance to unravel the whole mess. A highly levered system already made fragile by prior crises is vulnerable in many ways that can be exploited directly and profitably.

But wait, some might say. Do we dare risk it?

Bet your ass we do. Most of the banks of the U.S. and Europe have been bankrupt since the crisis started. Governments have been taking money from taxpayers the world over to prop the system up and it’s not working.

The system is coming down. And in a very unpredictable fashion.

But if we act quickly and together we can bring it down quickly in a controlled fashion and in such a way that people are not harmed. Left to their own devices, governments will support the banks until they can’t anymore. And then all hell will break loose.

Hyperinflation? Massive depression? Propping up an unstable system and papering over problems never ends well. It won’t this time either.

Or we can put these filthy bums out of their misery.

So we will start a trading war. Here are the teams: Chicago Style against New York Greed.

Chicago-style individual traders worldwide against the New York big banks.

The world of the many against the world of the few.

The key will be to work together to identify weaknesses, exploit them in a very distributed fashion, sell short the bad companies, use the profits to buy up the good companies,  and shift global assets back into much wider distribution.

Now this probably sounds crazy to a lot of you. And in a certain sense, it is crazy. But it will work.

We are going to have to beat the banksters at their own game.

That’s not as hard as it sounds because “traders” in banks suck at trading. What they call trading is generally just stealing from clients. They don’t know how to speculate. They don’t understand risk. And they don’t understand contagion.

And the world over, people hate them, and would love to have a chance at payback.

New York bankers are of the elites, by the elites, and for the elites. Ivy League or Oxbridge grads from the elite families with elite connections that land them prime jobs at elite banks. In elite banking, who you know determines how far you go.

The vast majority of New York traders are not traders in the Chicago sense. They are order takers, sales reps, and swindlers. They don’t put on large positions risking their own money. They avoid risk and look for sure thing trades where they can sell crap to the unsuspecting local governments or gullible customers.

In order to beat them we need to work together. Traders and the people all over the world who want to beat the Oligarchs.

The key is to align the interests of the Chicago-style trading group with the interests of people worldwide who are in a position to effect the economic interests which underlie those trading instruments. For instance, copper miners the world over have a direct potential influence on the price of copper. Industrial workers have an influence on the companies they work for. Workers everywhere have an influence on the production for the industries in which they work.

Let’s just look at one example how this could work. If some significant portion of the mortgage holders in Spain, instead of paying this coming month’s mortgage, used that money to open a brokerage account in the U.S., pooling their money with friends if necessary. And then sold the Euro short and purchased put options against the fall of the banks stocks, they will make money if enough of them take action at the same time. And they will make money to offset the damage to the Euro.

Now this has to be done very carefully. All at once and slowly is the best result. If you enter the dragon’s lair you must slay him or let him sleep. Once you plunge the blade, you better play to win.

The strategy should follow the three stage commit protocol:

Ready – Count commitments and assess resources while developing alternate strategies for various eventualities. Train for flexibility. Train for expecting the unexpected. Train to win

Set – Confirm all participants and the chosen routes. Stay up on normal channels and act as if nothing is happening while using weak-link channels to confirm the go signal and timing.

Go – Full autonomous operational control granted to all parts. Go go go. Bankrupture the fat basturds

Turtle Island release the Manhattan sphincter,

go Brooklyn, go Jersey, go Islands, go Bronx…

go Brooklyn, go Jersey, go Islands, go Bronx…

cheers away friends and

do sewer rats launch


Revo Lu Xhen

(part 7 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

Revo Lu Xhen to the gathered throngs:

My rebel legions’ sons and revolutions’ daughters

To the global revolutionaries; global peacemakers looking for ways to build peace; Spanish speaking individual traders who are part of the Nuevas Tortugas group; the global youth, and especially indigenous youth – those who are young enough to believe that we can still change the world and prevent many of the crises our governments have not been able to avert: global warming, peak oil, wars, and all the other coming tragedies.

The large Nation States like the U.S. have built up systems for dealing with protests, even large ones like Occupy. The Global War on Drugs has funneled hundreds of $ billions into police forces in the U.S., Europe, and much of South America and Asia. Protest like Occupy did at first and the State will have the upper hand every time.

Any ideas that have the potential for altering the status quo power structures are ideas that the power structures will fight. Openly actively and with great vigor. It seems better not to paint a big bullseye on your back by doing things which can land you in jail, or get you beaten. Besides all that, revolutions need the support of the people. In Western democracies, most people still think doing illegal acts is wrong. You don’t win points in their eyes by doing acts, even when those people share your goals and perspectives in many ways.

Don’t create enemies or dispassionate allies
where strong allies could be.

The most important reason to stop doing the illegal is that it is not necessary, in fact, it distracts from and impedes your goals. Sure they’re fun. And getting pepper sprayed in the face is a great bonding experience, but it is not necessary. Unnecessary acts that reduce the appeal of the revolution are ones that harm it.

Consider a moratorium on illegal acts until the end of the year. Try doing strategies without them. See how that works.

The primary reason that revolutionaries engage in illegal acts is out of desperation, for want of better ideas for putting pressure on governments to change. The problem is that governments are not the problem. They are part of it, but not the driving force. The driving force is money and globalized corporations. The big global companies are out of control, not because they are all headed by evil people, but because one company’s bad actions must be copied by others for those other companies to remain competitive. If one clothing company ships decent paying jobs from their country to one where people have to work in sweatshops, then the ones that don’t follow that example end up not being able to sell their clothes because they cost too much more.

There are much better ways to pressure positive change. In particular, we need to start acting like the wise and intelligent species we are and do what always works when hunting larger dangerous prey: hunt in packs, isolate, distract and wear out the prey. Humans are amazing endurance machines. Groups of humans even more so.

The prey? The global bad actors. So the first step should be figuring out who to isolate. Who are the worst actors? What companies are on every revolutionary’s list? Monsanto. Exxon. Elsevier. Which others? Have an open debate on Twitter, Reddit, forums anywhere you hang out. But do it openly in public forums using your real names. That will keep you protected by free speech provisions in your Constitutions and it will insulate you from some types of conspiracy charges which States sometimes use to squelch revolutionaries.

Forget about marginal companies and marginal names. Pick one company and one company alone for every segment. E.g. Monsanto in Agribusiness, rather than Monsanto and ADM (Archer Daniels Midland) and Cargill and DuPont. Pick one and target that one. One target will gain you the help of the others in their market. And it will be less destabilizing for the markets overall which will help keep the general public from seeing these actions as bad in themselves.

Pick at least three segments and no more than seven individual segments and the worst company for each segment. Then build a plan for attacking each and every one of them. When the individual plan is complete, execute it.

Here is a rough-sketch meta-plan for attacking a company that is acting badly:

1) Openly determine the two or three most egregious activities the company does. No more than three. If you have to argue about them, then take them off the list. Simplify the bad so the story about the companies can be easily told in one paragraph.

2) Find as many examples and data backing up the bad acts as you can.

3) Fact check everything. Do it again. You want to take away the ability for these companies to spin when the campaign announcing these acts to the world is launched.

4) Get the storytellers among you to hone the stories for the disparate types of people who hold either investment accounts or retirement accounts or pension funds invested in retirement accounts. Craft stories for the mass-media press that are interesting, factually accurate, easy to fact-check (because you’ve done that work), and fit into the larger narrative of Money Talks and Money Walks from Bad Companies

5) Get legal counsel in your respective locales to make sure that the following steps are legal for you. If some aren’t, don’t do those. Let other people do them.

6) Announce publicly that you are following Revo Lu Xhen’s game and you will be actively taking financial positions that benefit from rising stock prices in good companies and falling stock prices in bad companies.

7) Announce the date and the amount you intend to risk in the XXX Crush for that company. Using our example, the MON Crush after MON, the ticker symbol for Monsanto.

8) Pick a date where you will make this announcement together so everyone knows the potential before anyone acts, keep refining your commitments up to a particular time.

9) Think about it again and commit those funds by opening an account if you don’t have one, or having someone who knows how to do this do that for you. A trusted friend is helpful here.

10) On the chosen announcement date, publicly confirm the availability of the account for the XXX Crush campaign, as well as the amount in the account. This could be as simple as a Tweet with a special format and hashtag like:

I am risking $500 in the #MONCrush. Join me for
fun and games.

11) Find people who know high-leverage trading in your personal network. Learn from them what sorts of trades would be most useful for someone who wants to help good companies and benefit from a decline in the price of bad companies stock. For example, $100 in deeply out of the money options can yield $2,000 to $10,000 or more in profits with a large decline or advance when bought near the expiration of the options. These are normally easy to execute for small accounts because the trading insiders (aka floor traders or locals) know that beginners usually lose money on these trades.

12) Agree on a date certain for the Crush start for each company with each Cr campaign committed member agreeing not to make any trades before that date. Don’t publicize this date. This will keep the scale hidden from outsiders, at least for the first campaign and company.

13) Agree to a duration. So execute the trades after the start date, but spread the trading over about a week or so to keep things as hidden as possible from the bots and schemers of finance.

14) After the trades have been executed, and only after the trades have been executed, get the story out. Full court press on all channels. Suggest doing this after the close of market on a Friday so as to minimize market disturbances to give the structures of finance and government time to respond. Disclose openly that you have taken positions of $XXX because you believe they are a bad acting company and that it is only a matter of time before the news gets out and the stock price reflects the negative externalities that are likely to be clawed back from these actors.

15) Do not ever advise anyone to take any trades like you have. Only tell them what you are doing and why. Let them make their own choices or not. Advice can look like conspiracy to the right sort of prosecutor. Don’t make yourself an easy target to prosecutorial overreach. Remember Aaron Swartz.

16) Announce a personal commitment to boycott the company and anywhere it advertises. Again, this needs to be a personal commitment only. So think about it for yourself and do this only if you think it wise and just and righteous and good. Doing this on Twitter might look like: “I am boycotting MON and anywhere it advertises effective now.”

17) Announce places where people can learn about where MON or XXX is advertising. What shows, what magazines, what websites, what stations, etc. Make it very easy for anyone who has made a commitment to boycott bad global actors to find out what products they should avoid purchasing. There should be apps for this.

18) Monitor unexpected consequences and take care of people. If you boycott Monsanto, for example, the price for their corn will go down. That will result in some farmers getting screwed. If those farmers don’t have any personal resilience, help them out. That’s what I’d do with any profits from the Crushes. Use it for further campaigns and for helping the poor farmers in India that bought Monsanto seeds to plant. Help them eat and buy non-Monsanto seeds, ideally ones that are healthy and ones that can be planted again so they don’t have to buy seed each year if they have a good crop.

19) If you don’t believe you can account for all the negative externalities, don’t do the campaign. Pick a more limited target. Figure out what sorts of price impacts you’d need, what levels of commitment you’d need, both money and manpower, and if you don’t get those commitments before any actions are taken, don’t take those actions.

Timing and Synchronization

If you want to beat a larger opponent you need to concentrate forces. Whether metaphor or actual armies, fights are won by having superior force at the points of contact. That is why guerrilla armies only attack where the element of surprise lets the dominate before reinforcements can be sent in. The same works for our global struggle for a better world for everyone. Concentrations can happen in space and in time. It is easier to concentrate in time. Pick good dates and announce complementary initiatives on those dates. Do you like fun? Then do something fun on those dates that makes power and force look ridiculous. Like organizing complex improvs? Do it on the same date as everyone else, or put the youtube up on that date.

Synchronize. Synchronize. Synchronize.

Do the unexpected. The powers that be will expect more of the same. Give them something that looks like that but then isn’t.

Campaigns that start on dates that have important historical and cultural meaning are more likely to resonate with others globally. Ones that are near trading holidays in the countries where bad actor companies have their primary stock listing will make it easier to synchronize with traders running a Crush strategy.

For example, July 4th in the U.S. is a big holiday and an important cultural date. It is also a date known throughout the world because of the dominance of U.S. media. It represents a good date for fighting U.S. domination by U.S. bad actor companies. Other dates which are good include August 3, when Columbus sailed from Spain. Or September 6th, when he sailed from the Canary Islands, and when the Mayflower sailed, as well as Columbus day in the U.S. which is Monday the 14th of October, two days after the actual anniversary of the landing of Columbus in the Americas.

But Wounded Knee’s the play I’d make

December 29th, South Dakota


War and Peace

(part 6 of 30 in the Protocol Red series)

I first heard Crazy White Buffalo speak at the Lakota Diaspora gathering in Berlin in 2011. When he took the podium, none of us suspected that be was the great-great grandson of Charging Bull. No one expected that of an Eton grad. How did the Sioux get to Windsor anyway?

He was working on some Sono project. Said something about Tesla and threes and power lines

Got my notes of the symposium here:

We don’t often think of the long-term implications as a collective global culture. The levers for the valves of public discourse are manned (and not womanned) by the near-sighted who cannot see the connection of cause to effect.

It is to those of use who see this problem most clearly that I now speak.

The current methods with the current power making the current progress ends not well… So we better start thinking of new methods and new levels.

The global A.I.M. diaspora have been working on new methods. We cannot bear yet another quarter’s quell of the GOON bat and bullet brigade

This time we take the power for ourselves

It is only looking back on it that his speech makes sense. At the time, no one knew what he was saying. He was a fun guy at the pub but always seemed to be planning something big. Kept to himself mostly.

‘Bout 5 foot 10 with the shoulders of a great bear, a friendly smile, eyes of steele and remington blue

It wasn’t until the 2012 Olympics that I started to understand the big game afoot.

When the great uprising of 2015 came to year’s end and the power had been downed we knew

The whumpers

That’s what Taskawi’d been talking about, the whumpers

He wasn’t talking of power as in reigns of power

He was talking of juice

Lectro flow

Read set go

And the frackin’ oil

Of Dakota spoil


Taskawi had reasons for wanting to kill the juice. Said something about prophecy and time convergence and Carrington. I didn’t know what he was talking about until much later when we started exploring the science of the ghost dancers.

At first it sounded like typical religion hocus pocus mumbo jumbo. Everything was all connected together in a giant web of some sort, he claimed. You cold talk to the sun through dancing if enough people did it at the same time.

He said that a revival of ghost dancing would call on the sun and that in answer, the sun would send waves of protons to take down the electrical grid. This would disrupt the global powers.

So he saw it as our sacred duty to take down sections of the grid so that people would be better prepared for the time when the main event would come, shortly after the equinox of 2015.

This was a few years back and I’ve been working on some tests, I’m getting ready to run another one in London in a few weeks to see if the main event will really be Carrington heavy.


Taskawi said Cordero’s other thrust was to raise the price of oil, this would spur investment in alternative energy sources since the higher oil and fossil fuel prices would make alternatives cheaper. This would greatly reduce our reliance on the fragile electric grid and centralized power systems.

The fossil fuel suppliers were a fickle bunch. Too many oligarchs with their hands in too many pies for there to be order. At least that was the conventional wisdom.

Cordero knew that New York and London money had been manipulating the energy markets since long before Enron. Hell, New York and London had been manipulating oil and energy since the beginning of oil and energy.

Cordero also knew that given the opportunity, the U.S. government would love to put pressure onto the Saudis and other major producer allies to undermine the economies of Russia and Iran, and other countries who it saw as potential enemies. So given the right push, the U.S. would push for a production glut which would lower prices in a big way. Drop them from $110 to $120 right down to $50 or $60. Especially if there was feigned protest by those countries who stood to lose most.

So Cordero figured that his connections in the middle-east, he could broker an OPEC end run against the big banks and oligarchs. The key would be to orchestrate a big negotiation options fake with the help of the major oil producers. To do this would require very delicate negotiations with just the right people in power. He knew that with his high level connections to certain very influential middle-east oil families, they could pull of a bankster end-run of epic proportions.

The key would be to make this look like business as usual. First, get some well-known influential middle-east banks to put up $50 to $100 billion or so which would be used to offer as proof of seriousness during negotiations with all the New York and London banks. Then go to these banks asking for hedging contracts of enormous positions. This would get the banks to compete with one another to see who gets all this new business. Ideally split this up into perhaps 10 to 12 different companies so that the banks thought they were all different unrelated middle-east entities.

Here’s where the trick comes in, rather than taking the best offer. Each of the entities would take all the offers. Imagine you want to put on a five-year hedging contract for a very large position, equivalent to say 60 million barrels per month, or about the production rate for Nigeria. This would be a very lucrative trade for a bank. So many banks would compete for this business.

The key would be to get the banks to offer contracts and then to take all the business from all the banks at once. Instead of just Nigeria level production, you’d tie up 10 times that amount, 20 million barrels a day. All the banks would be hoping to win the business but then when they realized that all the banks had sold the same large trades, they’d now be forced to compete with each other for production.

The banks would never expect this.

Now they’d all be scrambling to enter into contracts with producers at the same time. This would completely reverse the market from a buyer’s market where prices were low, to a seller’s market where prices were sky high.

Cordero’s real play was to have the indigenous peoples of the the Earth corner the worlds markets using hugely leveraged oil futures options and many direct purchases from oil producing countries.

When oil prices were lowest, the indigenous would purchase options at rates far higher than break-even rates to the world’s largest producers that were then not bringing in enough money to feed their economies. When oil is trading at $60, it’s easy to buy options on large production volumes at $130 per barrel.

So now, when the banks have to go out to the producers to buy the oil they need to cover the options they sold at $80 per barrel when oil was at $60, they’d find that no one could sell them because they had already sold options on their production at $130 to the indigenous. So the banks would have to pay much higher prices in order to free up production. They’d have to pay $200 per barrel because that’s the price the indigenous who had tied up the oil were willing to sell.

The banks would lose $120 per barrel buying at $200 and selling at $80.

The global producers would sell a good chunk of their production to the indigenous at $120 to $130 and the rest at $200.

In fact, that was the whole point. Drive the prices up to $200 per barrel, guarantee lower prices for some portion of the global production and force the banks into huge losing positions. This would result in the indigenous owning the banks as they would soon be unable to fund their losses and make good on the contracts.

The American Indians and other indigenous would also use some of the enormous profits on their big trades to help the poor who would have trouble paying higher gas and transportation costs that $200 a barrel oil would bring about.

The world’s oil producers, wanting to get prices to $200 per barrel would be happy to play along. Especially when oil prices were low.


Taskawi and I have been working the science behind large-scale weather and we’ve made good progress we hope to be ready to disclose in a couple of weeks.

If the next test turns out the way the first one did, we’ll be able to affect weather and even control hurricanes. In fact, we’ll have the way of the hurricane.