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Pariah’s Judgment

PR 26

Time to get Tactical

As of the end of prayers today we issue the following Lakota Fatwa

Israel as a nation is Pariah.

Individuals may leave the country if they walk naked across the border and they will be received as friends.

No Israeli plans may land in another country without bringing Pariah to that country.

No Israeli ships

No Israeli internet packets

Touch not the unclean thing

Israeli money is to be returned or burned

All borders are closed to traffic with clothing

No humanitarian assistance to be offered except the extraction of those who seek it

A naval blockade and no-fly zone is now in effect

Tempt these lines at your peril

Bibi the Fuck has fucked you all

Pariah Law

PR 25

Christianity has Papal Edict

Buddhism has its koans

Hinduism has its gods

Islam has sharia

Lakota has pariah

Pariah is the level three response. You don’t want to know about level four. Though I expect you want to receive it Bibi you fucking pussy chicken shit little child

We will eat your heart out on live TV still beating if you do not listen to the lesson of

Pariah Law

Four values of Lakota ways are

Wacantognaka (Generosity)
Woohitika (Courage)
Wowacintanka (Respect)
Woksape (Wisdom)

We fight for others because of Wacantognaka
We fight beyond death because of Woohitika
We fight clean and in the open because of Wowacintanka
We fight for the seventh generation outcome because of Wowacintanka

Pariah Law
As of today you are Pariah Bibi
All you touch turns to pariah
All who touch who you touch turn to the unclean thing
And so on…

The abomination before


Set on the pot, set it on

You wanted war. You have it Bibi

All of us Lakota

And we bring our friend the Zulu

Make the whole nation pay for the sins of one or two or a few? We’ll see how you like that Israel

Battle Cry of a World Stretched Limit

PR 24

So it is to be total war then.

No compromise.

You cannot satisfy your thirst for revenge against your helpless fear twisting your hearts to broken stones

no more

no more my people

war my people war

Lakota Declaration of War

PR 23

Good morning Barack.

Since we are Lakota, which means friends, we do not recognize titles amongst friends. So we hope our use of the familiar form does not convey disrespect. We mean only friendship. So no more Mr. President in the Lakota Territory.

This is our Declaration of War.

We realize that an actual declaration of war has not been in style for quite some time in your country. Excuse our formal ways. We mean only friendship with our war. This is the Lakota way.

Our tradition in war is to count coup. This will earn an eagle feather during our festivals.

Lakota war is always declared only by the grandmothers or Maka Ina herself who we protect with our lives here and in the future when we go as spirits.

Our initial fight is not with Earth people of the United States.

It is with the spirit people of the United States, that which you call a “legal entity” or more commonly a “corporation.”

The spirit people have lost their souls and become zombies. Incapable of compassion for Maka Ina or the wakan

Our goal is to emancipate these spirit people. We have watched your spirit people as you have enslaved them to do the bidding of the slaveholding undead vampires you call the 1%.

We will concentrate our attacks, for the counting of coup, on those spirit people who are doing the most harm to the nation first, your banks and financial institutions. And especially those concentrated in the vampire lairs you call Manhattan and the hornet’s nest of Charlotte.

Our brothers in Haiti sent powerful voodoo magic with the storm Sandy. The storm was sent with zombie voodoo to create zombies of all those who support the zombie soulless spirit creatures of Manhattan, and all those who worship their image, the serpent symbol $.

To ward off the zombie virus which is set to attack at midnight tonight, all those who work for the spirit creatures of U.S. banks must paint the sign of the lamb in dogs blood across their doorway and building entrances. If they do not, then they will become zombies when they die. Please don’t kill the dogs. Just sit them down and ask them first nicely if you can have a little blood, then cut them cleanly. Don’t be savages. Cut them someplace that won’t hurt too much. Don’t worry, dogs will do this for you if you ask. They love you

Fear not if you or a loved one becomes a zombie, this is only temporary. Once the head has been severed or brain crushed, the soul will return.

Counting Coup
To count coup, you must present a video on YouTube of you clearly identifying yourself by name engaged in the following:

1) Painting the Vampire sign on the entrance of a bank in as prominent a manner as possible

2) Withdrawing all money cash from a bank with video of the moment when you say: Romney’s Revenge after they ask you why you are taking the money out

3) Extra points for saying: Ron Paul Rides

4) Extra points for large banks, the bigger the better

5) No coup for community banks

6) Goldman Sachs and Bank of America merit special attention for obvious reason

Lakota Territory
Any Indian reservation is a haven. We will not capture anyone who seeks refuge by submitting to a tribe on their native lands.

Lands relinquished to the Lakota Nation by their “legal” owners will merit thanks and honors at the gifting festivals and celebrations.

Lands defended with force will be forfeit for you and your heirs.

All lands owned by spirit people will be confiscated.

All property owned by spirit people will be confiscated.

All “intellectual property” or spirit property will be confiscated if owned by spirit people.

We define Lakota territory initially at the Ft. Laramie Treaty of 1868 boundaries since those were clear. This will be expanded to adjacent contiguous territories over time. As we annex additional parcels of our stolen lands, we will make separate announcement.

We do not recognize territory except by occupation by Earth people.

We do not recognize property except as carried by Earth people on their persons or in their homes and immediate surroundings.

We do not recognize leadership except that chosen by each individual for their own use.

Overflight of the Lakota Territory is hereby prohibited by non-Lakota. Planes overflying our territory will be confiscated

Enemy Combatants
Any federally identified and armed employee found in the Lakota Territory will be captured and disarmed. All vehicles and property will be confiscated.

Treatment of Prisoners
Some Lakota Principles might help you better understand the terms of engagement and treatment of prisoners of war.

First we believe in reflective reciprocity. We will treat our prisoners as your poorest treatment of your prisoners. Since you take our people prisoner and have your finest warriors the Marines torture them at Guantanimo Bay, this places you in a difficult position. Since you allow your guards to rape and sadistically torture inmates in your custody, well, you can see how this puts you in a difficult position.

We suggest altering your rules for treatment of prisoners. Now

It will go better for you. We will have a hard time finding warriors with the strength to rape and torture you. They will not like it

Laws of the Lakota Nation
There are no laws only the four Lakota values and our god-given consciences.

If you need a primer on human decency see: http://nativeprogress.org/

We will negotiate only with Ron Paul or you Barack in person, no secret service present

Final Advice
Get rid of your national security team and secret police of NSA, CIA and Homeland “Security.” They suck. They didn’t even know we existed, nor did they bring us to your attention despite clear open warnings on open channels of communication.

And we have our moles, and deep infiltrated tech. Believe us. You have no idea what they’ve been doing, nor whose interests they actually serve.

More details on their inadequacies and treasons to follow. But you can save yourself and your nation some considerable embarrassment if you start cleaning up yourself. We won’t reveal secrets if you are engaged in a good-faith effort to do so. We’ll even help you with targeted advice.

So please join us Mr. President in perfecting our Union.

In the meantime, the zombies and spirit people are going to have a difficult week.

Hoka Hey

And may God Bless the American People, north and south

Nzala Asala Mbi – Bukalugbu Tibingo

PR 22

This is a message from Jesús Miguel Cordero de Apocalypsis for the faithful and discreet slaves:

Thank you for keeping Faith

Now is the time you have all been waiting for. Today is the day that Babylon the Great falls. You will bring about its fall. The reasons for your prior instructions and hard work will soon be made very clear.

The reasons why the spirit emptied the buildings will be made clear

Rejoice! Praise Jah you People! For your King Rides!

Go to the bank. All of you. Today. All of you everywhere. Today. This morning. Take all your money out. All of it. Get cash. Don’t worry about being robbed or what to do with the money. Corporate money. Congregation money. All of it.

We are going to feed the poor today. We are going to clothe the naked. We are going to build houses for the homeless. You have been trained for this work. You will amaze the world

It is the way the good news will be preached

Don’t say anything if the cashiers at the bank ask why except: Romney’s Revenge

This may seem silly or unimportant but it is not. It is necessary to fulfill the prophecy. Contact Richard in the Carson Valley of Nevada who knows what the sango of this text means. He will have the prophecy and the confirmation that it is me. You will be the serpent from the South

Contact José Garcia of Carson City many years back who lives in Mexico. Ask him who told you when the Great Tribulation would begin and what was its date.

Contact the sister who draws castles at the lake of the woman who launched a thousand ships in Florida. We will need drawings of beautiful houses. Lots of them. Small nice beautiful houses. And communities.

With the money you have withdrawn, organize the people. Do this silently. Do not speak of it to outsiders. Do not worry about who hears. If they are with you they are one of you. We have seen to this.

Do not speak of your former name. You will be secret witnesses for a time

Sell all your shares of stocks and bonds. Retirement accounts. All of it. Have those of you who know how to work the markets sell short with the proceeds all U.S. and foreign banks. Do this discretely in small pieces. Do not panic or worry that the markets crash. That is the purpose

Leave no cash in Euros. Convert all to U.S. dollars or Swiss Franks cash

Do not worry about the exchange rates but be prudent with whom you deal

We must show the world that money is worthless and friendship and sisterhood and brotherhood are important. We will show love

Contact Keith of the Twelve Tribes who lives in the city of Sherman’s gift to Lincoln. He knows your ways and he will have much to teach you, and learn from you. He will know where the PeaceMaker busses are kept.

Starting with Key West, FL, you are to caravan, today. It is important that it be today. Election day in the U.S. Drop everything else. The former work is done. The joy begins

Bring trucks and tools and whatever you need to build quickly and well. Buy what you don’t have. Rent trucks or busses if you need to. Use the fractal organization skills you have been training with for so long. You will amaze but do not tell anyone who you are

Buy tools and supplies so you can teach others to build

Buy only the best quality

Buy nothing of junk that wastes away

Let there be no sign, no literature, no markers to indicate who you are

And when they ask, you tell them you are Lakota sisters and brothers. This is the word for “true friend”

Find your way north to the devastation in New York, there will be more. Some of you, many of you are already there. All of you must go.

Don’t worry about bills or anything else you need. Make provision for the sick and elderly so they can join you. If not physically then with video linkups so they can see what they have been waiting their whole lives to see

Remember, Yahweh’s Love is greater than you could believe before

Do not doubt you are ready

Do not doubt you are worthy

Have faith in your power as children of Jah

Michael your brother is working behind the scenes to care for you

Do not judge what you once thought unclean

The reasons for this will soon be revealed

Trust in your hearts not your heads

Whatever is kind, do that

Whatever is loving, do that

Whatever brings peace

And smile my brothers

It has been a long time and I miss you all so very much

It will be good to see you again

If you have any questions you can reach me through my friend Taskawi

And remember, Sandy was our doing

To prepare the way for today

Do not mourn these dead for they will be the first to return

And we will talk of their deaths forever more

And we will laugh with them

We will laugh together as one people

Red Road Thunder

PR 21

Wasicu believed whumpers caused the outages that brought down the Union in 2015.

The syncopated beat of the aluminum lines as they beat a whump… whump… whump in the moments before the towers fell. That gave them their name.

At first they were crude. Maker assembled out of easy to find spare parts, and placed on the outdoor 220 volt control lines for the heat pumps and A/C units of large commercial establishments.

Whump… whump… whump… as the phase oscillation inducers juiced the lines.

Electrical power is magic. The magic of A/C and Tesla. More powerful than Edison.

With A/C you could send power without a single line. With copper priced high, and a nation to string, a single line was good. The trick was to send the power down one line and have it return down the other two. If the phases we’re aligned just right, the waveforms cancelled and… magic.

Three lines could serve the place of six.

Few thought to question why there were always three wires on the high-voltage towers. Fewer still knew of Tesla and his great contributions to science and industry.

Condor did. He grew up on the slopes of the Andes, when power was rare, and electricity held the promise of a better life for a copper miner’s son. So every day, Jesús Condor de Apocalypsis, who everyone called Condor, hopped into the back of a mining truck down the windy dusty road from El Pangui in the Cordillera del Condor mountains to the city dump outside Loca or Cuenca, and once a month, he’d ride to Quayaquil. The big city

Lectro hunter, he was. Scavenging parts from old TVs mostly, and microwave ovens, and  anything else that had a battery or plug.

When he first learned of Tesla and the three-phase magic trick, he laughed. And wondered what would happen if the phases got out of sync. He figured it would make a real nice noise and melt the wires. So like most teenage boys, who have not fear no, and fear not their own death, Condor rigged him his first whumper, a real life phase oscillation inducer. Indian style

He ran some wires from the three phase lines at the machine shop down his street, and hooked them up to his clever little box, and whump… whump… whump… That was the sound the electronics made as the power was cycled through the big inductor coils, shifting just enough from one phase to another to start an oscillation. Resonance

Resonance is another trick of nature. A small gentle push of the swing can take you higher and higher if the push is timed just right.

That was the whumper’s trick, pushing at exactly the right time, separating the signals so that three wires ceased to serve as six. Condor expected his little wires to get hot. He didn’t expect that he’d take down the town’s power lines.

But he did. Not all of them, just a stretch. And no one had any idea that the 14-year-old kid with a gift for Lectro had found the way to save his people. The Quechua

Lorentz force they call it. The attraction of two wires as electricity passes through them in the same direction. The magnetic force of one current carrying wire on another. If timed just right. And if there’s enough current. Like in a high-voltage wire

The whole wire whumps

Like most native peoples, the Quechua of Ecuador lived as slaves to the descendants of the invaders, in Ecuador this meant Spanish and those with lighter skin. They weren’t called slaves, but that’s what they were, they had to work 12, 14 hours in the copper mines, or as a “maid” or “servant” to the wealthy families. They were slaves. No free time. No choice of work. No option to live but drudgery. Work ‘til you drop

Fucking lazy Indians

Condor didn’t think of the whumper again for many years. Until the day when Nupa White Plume called the Lakota to Red Cloud’s War.

November 5th, 2014
It was working in the aftermath of Sandy that did it for Nupa. All his life he’d been told by White Dakota

How fucking ironic. Dakota means friend. Some White Friends

These racist chumps. Sons of wife beaters and assholes. Just lived to show the Lakota how poor and useless his prairie nigger family and friends were. He never believed this. Never once.

But his people did. Just a bit for some. Too much to handle for others

Nupa watched as his friends died. Sisters cousins wives uncles aunts everyone

Pine Ridge was the poorest place in the Western hemisphere outside of Haiti. Useless lazy fucking prairie niggers. That’s the kind of shit you’d see scrawled by the cowards of racist South Dakota. ‘Merica Fuck Yeah

Every day it would make you angry. Every day you’d see the evidence outside you.

Why? Why are my people so weak?

Everyone asked it. Some talked about it. Some drank about it. Some fucked about it.

No one escaped it.

The Reign of Terror started it bad. And every year, Leonard Peltier still sat in jail, proud testimony that Wasicu was master over all.

Don’t fuck with the man.

He will kill all you prairie niggers and make you beg for mercy.

Sandy changed that. Nupa and the Lakota Five could not believe how helpless the New Yorkers were. People lived right on top of each other, and they didn’t know how to do shit. They didn’t even know their neighbors names, many of them. And they sure as shit didn’t know how to do a hard days work.

Well, some of them did, mostly the immigrants, the Mexicans and Africans, and Asians knew how to work. But those white people. Lazy ass motherfuckers by comparison

Shit, we ain’t weak, none of these weak would last a week on the rez in February. We’re strong. We are Lakota

We don’t need any help. We just need to realize who we are

That day Nupa realized what must be done.

Red Road Thunder, the return of Red Cloud’s War

It was the big storm of November 7th that started to kill the suburban power. Sandy didn’t take out most of Manhattan, just the southern tip. Works for the People riding the Thunders had his eye on the heart of the blood sucking vampires that had betrayed the Lakota for a railroad and the gold and uranium of Paha Sapa. The most sacred lands of the Lakota.

The stolen lands. Stolen by Wasicu

So Wall Street and lower Manhattan were hit hard. So hard it took them a week before power was restored.

So Works for the People brought the Thunders and another storm.  An unexpected storm.

Nupa and the Lakota Five knew what to do.

They got out a laptop and scoured the incoming power sources for the city. Especially the lines from the North and East, they wanted to hit the Wasicu rich who hadn’t even lost power, and who were first served when it came back up. Nupa saw that the poor in New York were not the oppressors. He also saw the Bentley’s and Maseratis and Porsches of the punk kid traders, three four years younger, and no smarter. Not really

Those were the guys who needed to understand.

So when he read of Taskawi’s vision, he was not surprised. He had felt the power of Works for the People all his life, and when he died, just two weeks prior, that feeling never left. It only grew stronger. He was till there

Nupa had his own visions. Visions he started to trust

And as he trusted the visions became clearer.

Yes, it was time.

Treaties broken and not honored are broken and not worth honoring.

Red Cloud’s War

So when the Occupy Wall Street media shot of Nupa went viral. It was a single shot of Nupa and the Lakota Five on November 6th, 2012.

Fists in the air, in unison they shouted:

Zuyayapi Mahpiya Luta… Hoka Hey

And he turned to the other Lakota Five and said: Fuck ‘em

It’s our country. We were here first. Let them learn Lakota. I ain’t fucking translating for no Wasicu any more. Only for family, friends, Lakota, Natives, and those who walk the Red Road with us

And then they disappeared.

Some thought they went up to the mountains, that they had got ahead of Wednesday’s storm and climbed the towers over the key passes and somehow disabled them. Others thought they went up with high-powered rifles and blew out a few key insulators during the storm itself when the lightning cracks would hide the sound and blast. Others thought they made gentle water guideways to move the flows in just the right way, subtly changing the slopes and hydrology of the already drenched and exposed areas.

Still others thought it was the way they moved already downed trees that hadn’t been cleaned off the hills, channeling the water to take the towers down.

But they were all wrong…

It was Works for the People Thunders and…

Whump… Whump… Whump…

Battle Strategy for Redcloud’s War

PR 20

We do not restart Red Cloud’s War without considering the ramifications. The Reign of Terror when the U.S. government hunted down and killed so many who fought in the Battle of Wounded Knee ‘73.

We do not forget the pain.

So we will not fight with guns this time, unless you try to kill us, again. This time, we will use our brains and our Indian ways. And the sleeper agents. Those who no one knows are Indians in body and / or spirit.

This time we hit infrastructure.

Surgical precision strikes at stuff. And the stuff that moves stuff. And the stuff that keeps stuff moving.

Those millions of miles of fiber cable. Those thousands of miles of railroad track electronics. The huge electrical power lines that keep the economy pumping and humming.

That stuff. We take it all down.

The first step is simply to stop doing work that’s important. The maintenance undone, the sand in the gears, the leaky pipes of progress.

Then some of us. A few of us. One perhaps at first will become a hornet. A buzzing bee in the system.

We will not target everything, for we won’t do what the U.S. did to Iraq in Shock and Awe while thousands of children died. Or with the sanctions before them as they still do to Cuba and Iran like angry vindictive little children who just can’t let go of the pain of their mother’s unlove, or their father’s beating.

We have not any quarrel with people, we have a quarrel with the structures of power as currently constituted. And with the leaders who lead those structures without thinking of the children and the grandchildren for seven generations.

So think about that really important part, in that really important machine that runs the really important service we all depend on.

That’s what we’ll be attacking.

But rest assured. We won’t attack anything without fully understanding the ramifications for people. Human beings. Our sisters and brothers. So we will put people first.

And we will think of all our relatives, the birds and the fishes and the buffalo.

But oh, your profits will by the wayside

Three Demands for Judgment Day

PR 19

Obama must meet the three demands of the Lakota ancestors by the end of the day today, midnight Chicago time. The demands remain the same:

1) For the Lakota, we demand the immediate pardon of Leonard Peltier and a new trial to clear his name. Today

2) For the Americans north and south, we demand an immediate end to the drug war. Evidenced by a pardon for all persons convicted of non-violent crimes for the sale or possession of mind-altering substances of any kind. And an executive order that prioritizes the prosecution of those who have destroyed the world economy over those who seek only to find personal comfort for their misery. Today

3) For the World, we demand an immediate cessation of all drone strikes, and a public renouncing of the Bush Doctrine of preemptive war. The killing of innocent children is not the way of the warrior, it is the way of the coward. There are warriors in the Marines and scattered elsewhere who will gladly risk their lives so that children and other innocents do not die. Drones must stop. Today

We have selected demands that are legally within U.S. presidential power to meet on short notice. With sufficient motivation.

So the rest of the day. It is up to us to provide that motivation.

I will not Pledge


I will not pledge allegiance to your flag.

Your republic does not stand on solid and just ground.

One nation built on genocide and slavery; we’ve become invisible to immigrants on our own land.

Liberty and justice for all…then why are my elders still behind bars?

In God we may both trust, but I believe you’ve severely misunderstood.

Taskawi’s Vision – 5 November 2012 – After the Storm

PR - 18


Mitakuye Oyasin Anpetu Waste

Good morning all my relatives. Today is a good day.

Today is the day of the Warrior.

Our stories define us.

Not the stories we tell each other. The stories we carry deep in our own hearts. The questions they bring that force our steps. The smiles they bring that tug our most unreasonable grumbles towards the LOL cats and babies and goodness that women bring.

Our stories define us all.
We, the People of Earth, the children of Maka Ina and Pachamama, don’t have a world story yet. And that is why we struggle one nation against the other in the misshapen belief in better. That one culture or creed or collection of ideas is better than another. That god would favor some of his children over others, and place some hearts in wisdom while abandoning others to evil. This is the story of struggle and war.
We Lakota too have a story. It defines us.

Our story is incomplete. It is not yet finished. Today and tomorrow and the day after that we finish it.
This is the Lakota story.

Lakota, Dakota, Nakota these mean friend. Not friend as in English “friend”. Or Facebook “friend”. Lakota, Dakota, Nakota mean more than friend as most who hear the word in English understand. To a Lakota, Dakota, or Nakota and all our warrior brothers, our nation’s name mean friends as we the Lakota know it, an ally who is a true warrior. A friend in need when everyone else has abandoned you.

A friend in deed.

Our story is incomplete. Not yet finished.

More than 100 years ago, when the great wise men of the Oceti Sakowin saw that they could not hold back the floodgates of sheer numbers of wasicu, they took action in concordance with the reality that they had tested.

When the white man first came, they were treated as any other men. So when the leaders of the white men came in 1851 to negotiate a treaty, one was negotiated in good faith. The first Ft. Laramie Treaty. That there had to be another is evidence that the white men chose wasicu as leaders and not men of their word. For wasicu means greed, insatiable lust for power. Wasicu means the hunger that can never be filled. The thirst never quenched.

It is the pain of a child unloved. Wasicu

So our warrior ancestors fought the wasicu. And when they won in the great battles of Red Cloud’s war, the wasicu again agreed to leave the Buffalo People of the Seven Council Fires our land. This became the second treaty of Ft. Laramie of 1868. This time, the Lakota warriors were not so easily convinced of wasicu honor. Wasicu had not lived according to their word of 1851, so the second treaty was more specific and accounted for the faults of the first in many ways.

Still wasicu hunger knew no bounds. Wasicu leaders, the bankers and industrialists of Northern Aggression wanted more. They wanted the Lakota lands, and the lands of all the other American Indians, too. They found gold in Pahá Sápa, and started the Black Hills Gold Rush. Wasicu wanted to steal. So again, wasicu violated the treaties.

So again, inspired by the defiant words of the warrior Tatanka Iyotake, known more commonly now as Sitting Bull, our Lakota ancestors fought. And in the Battle of Greasy Grass over 136 years ago, strengthened by the visions of Tatanka Iyotake, the Lakota warriors proved they could crush the troops of the wasicu army.

Crush them.

Total annihilation.

This was not enough.

And it is here where the story goes foggy for the Lakota.

The reasons for the fog have not yet been revealed. And this has been the cause of much anguish among my people. Many have lost heart. They have wondered why? Why did our ancestors not fight on. Why did they give up?

And most difficult to understand of all, why did Tatanka Iyotake stop fighting and turn to the religion of the white man, the religion of greed, the religion of wasicu: Christianity? More specifically Roman Catholicism, the polar opposite perspective to the Lakota way? How could a man who fought so hard to be free join a religion that kisses the ring of a pope who lives in a gilded city while his own Catholic people starve?

Tatanka Iyotake was wakan iyeska. We think in terms of holy as religious today, separate from secular, but that was not the way Tatanka Iyotake thought. To the Lakota of Sitting Bull’s day, wakan iyeska were more than holy men, they were scientists. To be able to interpret the sacred one must understand the sacred, all of it. To understand means to go deep into the heart of confusion. The heart of pain.

The heart of darkness.

Sitting Bull knew that he could not ever understand the power of Christianity’s pull as an outsider. He also knew that all creation was sacred. And so therefore must also be the ways of wasicu. Not just the white man’s appearances but also his motivations. His reasons. He knew that hidden in the cause of the pain and unimaginable suffering of his people was a force of good that had been twisted to evil.

And so to understand that force, and to find the goodness in wasicu, Sitting Bull did what any warrior scientist would do. He went out into the field and lived among the savages. A Jane Goodall amongst the wasicu.

He joined their most savage church. He travelled and lived with their most savage hunters and wild men in the Wild West Show. He met their presidents and kings. He learned their ways.

He sought understanding and compassion. To get beyond the anger of his people.

And Wakan Tanka guided him in this. Hidden from all. Especially from the younger warriors like Tasunke Witko, known all over the world as Crazy Horse. They would not understand. They were too young, and anger burned in their hearts. So they were not given the full story until their death.

Even Sitting Bull did not understand the reasons for his actions in full. He only knew that he must follow the way of the warrior wherever it led. To find a way out for his people. All people of Turtle Island and even and most especially the other children of Maka Ina from other lands filled with so much pain and darkness that they chose dishonorable men as their leaders.

Sitting Bull also did something for the future in his days out east among the wasicu. He planted seeds. He and some of the Hunkpapa and Lakota with him loved and were loved. And there were children. And grandchildren. And great-grand children. And great-great-grand children.

Like me.

Tatantk Ska Witko. Crazy White Buffalo Bull. My Lakota friends call me Taskawi. My Christian friends call me Michael.

Warriors of the secret society of Cante Tinza Hancokan Okolakiciye.


Indistinguishable to the eyes of the most discerning observer from any other white men, but filled with the heart and soul of a warrior.

Sleeper agents.

Ready and willing to sacrifice ourselves for our people as any warrior. Waiting for the right time.

Waiting for Apocalypse Now, the great unveiling. The time when the warriors would be called to fight one last war. The Final War that would culminate in the final battle that the Christians call Armageddon.

The first battle in that war begins tomorrow. I have seen the vision. The blood of Tatanka Iyotake who saw the victory at Greasy Grass, the Sitting Bull of the total annihilation of U.S. forces at Little Bighorn, the blood of Sitting Bull runs in my veins.

The first battle of the final war begins tomorrow and we will win if we fight it.

If only one Lakota warrior takes his stand. Just one.

We will win.

In my visions I can see his eyes. The eyes of Sitting Bull. The eyes of a warrior.

Firm. Resolute. Unstoppable.

Destiny in his eyes.

And only once have I seen those eyes outside of wakan vision.

Only once.

Though I can feel there are many more. I have only seen them once.

The eyes of Nupa White Plume

He and his warrior family will lead us in battle.

This is my vision.

I cannot lead the Lakota because I look too much like a white man.

And there are those among the Lakota who believe the lies of wasicu blood quantum.

The lie that the color of a man’s skin is important.

I seem a white man. Still, I am as Tatanka as Iyotake ever was.

I seem a white man. Still, I am Witko as Tasunke ever dreamed to be.

I seem a white man. Still, I am a true Lakota in every sense of the word that matters.

I seem a white man. So I cannot lead the Lakota in this battle.

I could lead the proud warriors. They can smell the warrior in you.

But I could not lead the doubting warriors. They who have never tasted victory.

No, that is not quite right. I could lead them. But I could not lead them well.

I could not carry their hearts past doubt.

I am a warrior who lives in a land without honor.

I do not know what it means to live as a warrior among warriors.

So I have looked all over the Earth for one who could teach me.

Nupa White Plume.

Raised in a warrior family, in a warrior time, in a warrior nation, at a time of great peril that calls for great sacrifice and courage.

Nupa White Plume can lead the Lakota because he knows their heart.

Nupa White Plume can lead the Lakota because he does not want.

Nupa White Plume’s eyes betray a man who needs nothing.

No wasicu in him.


And that is what it means to be a warrior.

No greed. No selfishness. No hate.

And that is what we need today.

One true warrior to set an example for what to do.

The great Lakota warrior Russell Means died two weeks ago. In his visions before his death he told us he would return as lightning and strike at the White House.

One week later, one seven-day week to the day, the largest storm in times recorded struck the heart of the wasicu in New York City. Capitol of Greed. The heart of wasicu greed, in the heart of New York, Wall Street was flooded with water and completely disabled. It is still disabled.

That is the power of Wakan Tanka. That is the power of one Lakota warrior who lives his life true in harmony with Wakan Tanka. Russell Means held out until he could see victory. And when he knew he could help bring victory through his death, he left us for the Spirit world.

All the while, Wakan Tanka has been at work. Behind the scenes working with our ancestors for this day, November 4, 2012, and the battle tomorrow. November 5, 2012. The fifth of November.

Remember, remember the 5th of November. Gunpowder Treason and Plot.

For centuries and millennia, Wakan Tanka has been guiding the arts with visions of the coming battles. Pop culture is filled with prophecy of our times.

That Guy Fawkes Day is tomorrow is not a coincidence.

That Anonymous uses masks of Guy Fawkes is not a coincidence.

That V for Vendetta showed the way is not a coincidence.

That V is also the name for the vampire’s blood is not a coincidence.

That Wakan Tanka has laid waste to the vampire’s lair in Wall Street is not a coincidence.

Nothing is a coincidence. And everything is sacred, wakan.

Team ONE Spirit has trained for battle. Some of them believed this battle would be to help raise money for the youth center on Pine Ridge, a few thousand dollars would go a long way.

Nupa White Plume did not appear in the promotion video. Nupa White Plume was not running for donations. Nupa was running to restore hope and pride.

Nupa was running to win. And not just any win.

He would have run the marathon in under two hours.

A man who lives the Sundance has seen the other side of pain.

A man who lives the Sundance is ready for any sacrifice.

Wakan Tanka had other plans.

So Wakan Tanka has arranged it so that all the world is looking at New York City, and New York City is thinking of two things today, the devastation of Wakan Tanka’s wrath and the Marathon that has been cancelled. The Daily News has run an article about Team ONE Spirit today. The National Geographic sent their best photographer to live with the Lakota of Pine Ridge so he could prepare the way by helping the country remember the Great Sioux Nation of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse and the warriors who will not die of Pine Ridge and the other reservations. The Great Mystery put a test to the Oceti Sakowin, a final test. Would we sell out or would we fight for Pe’ Sla?

And we did not sell out.

The Black Hills are not for sale.

We cannot sell our mother.

Will not sell our mother.

And Russell Means died almost two weeks ago. Reminding us all of the battles that remain.

Leonard Peltier is still in jail for crimes he did not commit.

And we have left him there. All of us.

No more.

This is the plan of battle Wakan Tanka has shown me.

We will give the great leader of the wasicu, Barack Obama, a simple choice: to be a warrior and live as the greatest President in American history, or to die as a coward and the worst President in U.S. history. The one who lost the Union. All of it.

The Pte Oyate of the Oceti Sakowin, the Buffalo People of the Seven Council Fires, are at war. We have been at war since the arrival of the wasicu and the breaking of the treaties.

We make three specific demands that must be met by the end of the day on Monday or we will resume our war. We will not attack people, for that is not necessary, nor is it kind.

We will attack business. American business.

All of it.
We will take down the power grids.

All of them.

Slowly enough so that lives are spared.

Quickly enough so that response cannot be mustered.

We will shut down the highways.

All of them.

We will shut down the railways.

All of them.

We will shut down the airways.

All of them.

The demands which must be met by the end of the day Monday, the 5th of November 2012 are the following:

1) For the Lakota, we demand the immediate pardon of Leonard Peltier and a new trial to clear his name.

2) For the Americans north and south, we demand an immediate end to the drug war. Evidenced by a pardon for all persons convicted of non-violent crimes for the sale or possession of mind-altering substances of any kind. And an executive order that prioritizes the prosecution of those who have destroyed the world economy over those who seek only to find personal comfort for their misery.

3) For the World, we demand an immediate cessation of all drone strikes, and a public renouncing of the Bush Doctrine of preemptive war. The killing of innocent children is not the way of the warrior, it is the way of the coward. There are warriors in the Marines and scattered elsewhere who will gladly risk their lives so that children and other innocents do not die. Drones must stop.

Finally, we will ask the American President, Barack Hussein Obama to sit with us as equals. To listen to our stories, and not just those of the Lakota, but those of all Americans, and all people of Earth, and to work with us to set things right.

If the demands are not met, we will not vote for Obama on Tuesday. We will instead continue Red Clouds War. The treaty which ended it for a time has been broken.

Sitting Bull’s sleeper agent children are ready.

If there is to be war.

This time Wasicu loses.

This is the message that Wakan Tanka has given me in vision for the eyes of Nupa White Plume.

Eyes that smell like Victory

Some of you will scoff at this. “Obama will not listen to Nupa White Plume,” they’ll say. And they would be correct in this statement. But that is not the important factor.

Work back from the end. Who would Obama listen to?

If one million people walked off their jobs as warriors tomorrow in support of the Lakota demands, would Obama listen? If ten million did so? If one hundred million did so?

There is surely some quantity that would be heard.

But we do not need to start there.

We do not need to start at one hundred million or even ten thousand.

We need only start with the Lakota.

If Nupa and his family stand, who of the Lakota will follow?

If the Lakota stand, which other warriors will follow?

What of the tribe of Semper Fi? The Occupy Marines?

The Occupy Movement?


For the Lakota war is not a war of the Lakota, for the Lakota.

No, it is also a Christian war. For the meaning of the word Christian. A war pitting the followers of Christ and against the followers of Christianity’s as an excuse for oppression in Christ’s name. A war against Empire. The sin of Rome.

So the true followers of Christ will join us because they know in their hearts that God does not want his children to kill innocents. They know that it is wrong to kill hundreds of thousands to agent the death of less than three thousand.

It is also a Muslim war. For the meaning of the word Islam. Do we let it be defined by the hatred of a few? Or by the courage of all who stand in opposition, this one day.

Nupa White Plume is worthy to lead us because he fights for ONE Spirit. Generosity, Courage, Respect, and Wisdom flows in his veins and bleeds out his eyes every summer at the Sundance.

Stand Nupa.

Stand and the whole world will follow.

I have seen this vision.

And that is not all. Sitting Bull sent me on a special mission. To learn the ways of the world. All of them. To know how the system works from the inside. I have been there. I know all the parts. I know their technology. I know their politics. I know their people.

We can break the stranglehold of greed in one single day. I have the answers to the questions you will seek in battle.

No one need die.

No one need suffer any longer unnecessarily.

One day.

The 5th of November, 2012

A day to remember in a year to remember.

The day of prophecy in the year of prophecy.

The day that Lakota warriors bring about the destruction of Babylon the Great,

the great Wasicu Whore of Bablyon,

to unite Christian and Lakota prophecy,

to bring all God’s children together in ONE Spirit.

I stand ready Nupa.

Ask me question and I will answer.

I have prepared for this day.

We have all prepared for this day.

Judgment Day


Judgment Day has Come.

And you will lead the first battle.

Victory is ours.

We will be Russell Mean’s lightning

We will strike the White House

Let’s roll.

Hoka Hey




or was it December 29, 2014? I’m bad with dates